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Criteria in comparing and choosing a car

Change Your Mindset, and work towards Your Goals

In 1999, at REACH MASS, I managed a Car Clinic Assignment from General Motors. The Car Clinic tried to evaluate Chevrolet Malibu versus several other cars/manufacturers within the same category, like Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, and Chrysler Stratus ran in three different locations:

(1) Dubai

(2) Dammam 

(3) Riyadh

We invited 200 potential buyers interested in purchasing a new car in the next 24 months. The open buffet was there to thank people for their time and effort. First, the participants needed to fill in a questionnaire to evaluate the car’s size, space, trunk, looks, feel, the area of the back seat, and several other aspects. After that, we ran qualitative focus groups with ten potential owners to discuss further detail.

Dubai – United Arab Emirates

In Dubai, it ran smoothly. All the cars were available, renting a car company, and the client facilitated the vehicles.

Dammam – Saudi Arabia

We faced a significant challenge, as we could not get hold of the Chrysler Stratus to place among the other evaluated cars.

None of the rental car companies had it. Without the car, we will lose the project and face significant penalties for the hotel, the client, etc. It was not something that I was ready to accept. However, I had to do something. 

Completing this task was a significant hurdle to achieve. However, finishing this project wasn’t the primary goal. I wanted this project to be the stepping stone to becoming an accredited supplier for General Motors and acquiring further projects. It was a personal challenge for the company and me, and I wouldn’t have settled for less than a job well done.

The car was available at the dealer’s showroom, the clinic was in two days, and the clock was ticking. So I requested a meeting with the dealer’s marketing manager. I informed him of the importance of displaying his product in front of 200 potential buyers. Stratus sales weren’t doing great at the time, and having it next to the other three competitors, is a great way to introduce it to prospects.  

He was a man of vision that took the opportunity to develop his business further. He had his team deliver the car to the ballroom, and we ran the clinic successfully. 

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

There, we had a different challenge. The car was available, but we couldn’t get it into the ballroom. The car was three centimetres wider than the doors. The car’s mirrors were fixed and couldn’t be folded. Hence, I had to take the doors out, take the car in, put them back and do the same process again to take it out, which I did. 

We were able to finish the project. The client was thankful for our efforts and the project management skills to ensure successful project delivery.

As a result, we got an annual contract from General Motors, launching their Chairman’s Challenge Awards to their dealers for Excellence in Sales and Service.

Unexpected events happen, yet we need to think differently to succeed, whether in or out of the box.

alternative plans

Proper planning, consistently trying to deliver, and being genuinely interested in success will allow you to focus on achieving your mission and work towards your vision.

I will end my thoughts with a great quote from Albert Einstein:

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them.

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