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Who is Khalil

Khalil is the eldest son among four children of a Lebanese-British family. He lived his childhood in a war-torn country and was subject to many life-threatening incidents.

He graduated from the American University of Beirut with a teaching diploma and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Furthermore, two years later, he earned his MBA at Dundee University, Scotland. Post-graduation, he started his career path working as a Marketing Assistant at a leading advertising agency in Dubai. However, a couple of years later, he joined a market research agency and became its General Manager.

He had an opportunity to lead and set up the Marketing Research & Tools Department at a leading MBU in Dubai. He helped set up their research tools in countries across the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, he was actively involved in business pitches for new client acquisitions. 

In 2007, he accepted a new challenge within the same company to lead its operation in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, he grew the business and the team during his ten years as their Managing Director and prepared the right platform for growth. Finally, he secured a significant business before taking his next challenge and moving to London, the United Kingdom, with his family. 

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Khalil and family

Khalil’s Family

Khalil is married to Sarah and the father of three boys, Yusuf, Mohamad, and Karim. They moved to London to secure a better future for his family and provide his children with further education, tools, and skills for a better future. 

Khalil’s mission is to invest in his children’s education and development and himself and his lovely wife, Sarah.

Going the extra mile is second nature to Khalil; he helped his local swimming club with their competitions by becoming a qualified J1 Swimming Judge. Learning never stops; he invested in the continued development and became a certified business coach, DISC and Behaviour practitioner. 

In addition, he established his business coaching and marketing company, Sterling Marketing Consultancy, trading as Oak Media. The aim is to provide better engagement between these companies and their prospects, healthier profitability and providing them with a more significant return on their marketing investment. Currently, he is also a Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Life is also about having fun. Khalil travelled with his family around the World to many countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. One of his most exciting trips was driving 2,500 miles across Europe with his family and visiting different cities across France, Spain, and Italy. His youngest was six months, and they enjoyed it.

In addition to travelling, Khalil enjoys keeping up with technology trends. When he is tired and needs to re-energise, cooking is the best platform to reflect and help prepare a nice meal for the family.

Khalil is the Managing Partner of Oak Media Solutions, a Digital Agency that delivers performance, with its Head Quarters in London. Yet, they have clients across the UK, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

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